Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our First Entry!!!

Hello Everyone! This is Lexi talking. This is the crancrew's first entry on a blog! We are all doing really well although we are busy with school and work. I'm in 8th grade and I am coming near my finals and I am excited an nervous. I'm loving school though. Ari is in 6th grade and she is loaded with homework but loves her friends and is continually creating beautiful things. Addie is in 4th grade and has a job walking a dog in our neighborhood which she loves (sometimes) :) We are currently sitting 2 dogs for my dad's cousin while he is moving. Their names are Manseneta (may be the wrong spelling) and Tempest (her name explains it all). They are really sweet Border Collies. My mom, Angelique, is very busy with work but she loves it. She recently photographed a wedding in HAWAII!!! ALOHA!!! :) and then a reception in Seattle. I don't know how but she always seems to make time for us and is the most caring and fun mom!

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