Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ooo we are it!

AHHHH!! the crancrew got tagged!! Here are the rules:
A. Post the rules
B. Answer all the questions about yourself
C. After you are done posting, tag 5 people

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
-I was 4 and was going to Miss Julies Preschool, Addie was born, my mom was 27, my dad was 32, Ari was 2.
-Getting babysat by the Millers, and Ash Christensen. YAY!!!
-I'm not sure if this was when i was 4 but Ari was getting tossed up in the air and then caught, and so on. But my uncle (who was tossing her) didn't realize that the ceiling fan was going and the ceiling fan sliced her forehead open. She was rushed to the emergency room and given stiches. They were worried she was loosing too much blood so my dad gave her a priesthood blessing and right then she stopped bleeding. MIRACULOUS!!! it was pretty amazing.
-I remember bringing home sweet little baby Addie and how much fun i had with her even though she took all of my mom's attention!!! Just kidding. :)
-Umm. I'm sure there's more but im having a writer's block. :)
2. Five things on your to do list today-
-Go downtown
-Watch a NBA game
-EAT! Tomorrow is fast Sunday for those of you who forgot. (I did, Bay reminded me)... :)
-Update my blog, oh yeah...
3. Snacks we enjoy
-My family loves, apples, oranges, cottage cheese, crackers, dried fruits, almonds, WATER!
4. What would we do if suddenly we were billionaires?
We would help orphanages and third world countries all over the world. Pay off our house. Buy me a car for when I turn 16. Buy all of our food storage, save a lot of it in a savings account for the future. Help those in our family who struggle financially.
5. 3 bad habits-
-not keeping our socks together when we wash them and take them off (we wonder why we have no socks!)
-Letting our dishes just "soak" in the sink instead of just washing them and putting them away.
-Letting our house go weeks without doing a big clean out.
6. 5 places we've lived-
(thats all i think)
7. jobs we've had-
-Doing the dishes.
-Walking Sherry Gay's dog, Sammy
-CC selling in the sun (a buisness my BFF and sisters when i was like 11)
8. 5 things people don't know about us-
-My mom and ari talk in their sleep
-Addie and Sweetheart (the pug dog) and I snore horribly.
-My mom was a model when she was in High School, I want to be a Historian, Ari wants to be a baby nurse, and Addie wants to own a farm with 10 or more dogs.
-Our dream vacation is going to Holland on a bike trip/cruise for 2 weeks.
-January 20th is our least favorite day of the year. :)

Concluding this wonderful tagging, I pass the joy along to....: Jen Salisbury, the most lovely, kind person in the world , Kristin Miner the cutest pregnant woman ever. (don't tell sister steiner :))


j cubed said...

Thanks for the tag I'll get to it and post the answers today! Love you!!

ashmae said...

lexi! so funny. i totally remember when you guys had that little business selling things like old jelly beans for 25 cents a piece. you should come with bayley to the band show tomorrow so you guys can get inspired to restart President for a week.